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Nichola Curran - Owner, The Health & Fitness Club

Creating YOUR business so that it works for YOU as well as your clients!

As a Business Coach, some of the common frustrations I hear from
those who are trying to grow their business include…

“I need more clients.” “I need to make more profit.” “I’m exhausted
and overwhelmed.” “I want to grow my business but I don’t know
what to do next.” “I thought having a team would free up my time,
it’s given me more to worry about.”

There are 3 main reasons why we start a business …

1) we have a passion for what we do

2) we want more freedom

3) we want to make more money.

Not necessarily in that order of course and the reality can often be a different story. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Having been the CEO for a 7-figure company and built my own 6-figure company, I understand the strategies and processes needed to manage and grow a business.

How Do the One-to-One Business Growth Coaching Programs Work?

They use a framework called the ‘Business Profit & Growth System’. It starts with finding out what you want from your business.

From here we can identify if your business model has the capacity to give you what you want, or do we need to look at making some tweaks?!

What follows, depends on what needs attention or to be fixed first. Your business will have it’s own set of priorities based on where it’s at & where you want it to be.

Purpose: What do you want from your business. What’s the vision, the purpose, the goal?

Profitability: What needs to happen to increase the profit? Do we need to tweak the model or change your pricing strategy?

Positioning: Are you getting noticed with your marketing and are people buying what you are offering?

People: Do you have the right people in your business and are they in the right roles?

Processes: What processes do you need so your business can work more effectively & efficiently?

Performance: How are you (and your team) performing? What or who needs to improve in order to grow the business?

Business Growth System

How Does the 'Master Your Marketing' Group Program Work?

Here’s what you get access to…

The Training Vault: 6 modules of how-to videos covering everything from how to
create your marketing wording and how to set up your funnel through to how to
implement online & offline marketing strategies.

Marketing Examples & Templates: Over 30 time saving examples and templates to
follow, including social media posts, landing pages, referral invites, lumpy mail
examples, email campaigns, flyers and adverts.

6 x Live Training Clinics (via Zoom): to drill down into the key aims of each module,
clarify the actions for you to take and answer any question you may have.

5 x Live Group Accountability Calls (via Zoom): to see what actions you’ve taken,
help you overcome any challenges that are holding you back, and answer your
questions so you can continue moving forward.

Personal Strategy Support Call: this is your one-to-one call to make sure you are
clear on how your funnel is: 

Master Your Marketing for Fit Pro

7 Ways to Fill Your Classes & Sessions

An online course that shows you how to create a compelling marketing message and use 7 different marketing strategies so you can get more clients.

Here’s what you get access to…

Module 1 – Creating Your Marketing Message: How to create your marketing wording so your message is clear, stands out and attracts the types of clients you want to work with.

Module 2 – 4 Ways to Boost Sales with Lumpy Mail: Different ways to use lumpy mail to entice old clients back, upsell something new and attract new clients in.

Module 3 The Right Way to Use Flyers & Posters: How to use flyers and posters in the right way, including how to lay them out, the wording to use AND where to them for maximum effect.

Module 4 – The Referral Formula: How to generate more client referrals, how to build referral partnerships & collaborations and how to become a resident expert to attract more ready to buy clients.

Module 5 – In the Media: How to use different types of media ads and get the most out of them. Including, local paper, magazines, local radio and online banner ads.

Module 6 – Networking: How to make the most out of networking groups, both offline and online. Not only is networking a great way to attract new clients, it can also build referral partnerships too.

Module 7 – Email Marketing: Growing your email list is an essential part of growing your small business. This module shows you how to create both nurture and sales email campaigns.

Examples & Templates – Over 20 time saving examples and templates to follow, including referral invites, lumpy mail examples, email campaigns, flyers and adverts.